Killbear From Toronto

Located on Georgian Bay, Killbear Provincial Park offers picturesque views of rugged shorelines and windswept pines.  Visitors can spend the day relaxing on the beach or hiking one of the many trails.  

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What to Do:

  • Hiking:  Killbear has 4 different hikes ranging from easy to moderate.  

    • Twin Points Trail - a 1.6km loop that will take you roughly 40 minutes to complete and takes you through different types forests and along the rocky shoreline.

    • Lookout Point Trail - a 3.5km moderate hike that will take you roughly 1.5 hours to complete and  offering amazing views of Georgian Bay.

    • Lighthouse Point Trail - a 800m loop that will take you roughly 25 minutes to complete and takes you to the tip of Killbear point.

    • Recreational Trail - a 6km linear trail that will take you roughly 3 hours to complete and follows the main park road from the entrance to Lighthouse Point.  

  • Biking:  There is a 6 km trail that runs the length of the park.  

  • Birding:  Bird watchers will have the opportunity to see woodpeckers, warblers, wood thrushes, herons, hawks and hummingbirds.  Birds can be viewed along all the hiking trails.

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Where to Stay:

Parkbus stops at Beaver Dams Campground.  Passengers will have access to 7 different campgrounds all within a short hike to the shoreline. Campsites can be booked up to 5 months in advance through Ontario Parks.

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How to enjoy the day:

  • Bring a picnic

  • Bring lots of water

  • Bring your swimsuits

  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes

  • Bring your camera and enjoy the amazing views!

To book your seat on our Killbear bus visit our website!