Biking with Parkbus

When thinking about visiting places like Bruce Peninsula or Algonquin Park, have you ever stopped to think about doing it by bike? Both destinations are the perfect spot to ride!


Algonquin Park provides cyclists ample opportunities to bike:

  • Old Railway Bike Trail: This 16km trail provides families a leisurely way to enjoy Algonquin. The trail itself is fairly level terrain and connects to Rock Lake Campground, Pog Lake Campground, Lake of Two Rivers Campground (through Mew Lake) and Mew Lake Campground.

  • Minnesing Bike Trail: This steep, rugged, mountain bike trail allows experienced mountain bikers a challenge along 3 different loops.

  • Hwy 60 Corridor: While this is a very busy stretch of highway, many road cyclists enjoy the challenge of the many hills, valleys and curves highway 60 provides along with gorgeous views.

  • Campgrounds: Algonquin’s campgrounds provide great opportunities for family cycling. Each campground has many different loops and pathways for you to explore. Parkbus stops at 3 campgrounds - Pog Lake, Lake of Two Rivers, and Mew Lake.

biking the old railway trail bridge.JPG

Bruce Peninsula is one of the most naturally diverse and beautiful places to cycle. With sandy shorelines on one side and rugged rocky shoreline on the other, there is always something to see. Bruce County offers hilly terrain as well as plenty of twists and turns along the Niagara Escarpment. Here are a few that Parkbus provides service to:

  • Lighthouses North: This 80km out and back trek takes you from Lions Head Lighthouse to Cabot Head Lighthouse. There are no amenities on this trek so you must be self sufficient. Passengers wishing to cycle this route can book a Parkbus ticket to Lions Head.

  • Hwy 6: The highway offers paved cycling shoulders and provides cyclists with twists, turns, and hilly terrains. Parkbus passengers can choose to start at either Tobermory and head south or at Lions Head to head north.

All of our Parkbus routes that use Coach Buses are considered bike friendly including: Killbear, Bruce Peninsula, Lions Head, Algonquin, Killarney, and Grundy Lake. While we can accommodate bikes, we do have limited spots available so we ask that you confirm space with us prior to booking your seat.