Golden Ears From Vancouver

Escape from downtown Vancouver and spend the day at one of the largest Provincial Parks in the province, Golden Ears.  Located just outside of Maple Ridge, Golden Ears is known for its recreational opportunities, offering swimming, hiking, canoeing, boating, and fishing.  

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What to Do:

  • Hiking: There are ample opportunities for you to hike in Golden Ears among the trees and along various streams or lakes. Please stay to the marked trails for your safety.

    • East Canyon Trail: Gold Creek Parking Lot to Viewpoint Beach. Follow the logging road north to Viewpoint Beach and great views of the Golden Ears and Panorama Ridge to the west (4.5 km, suggested hiking time one-way 2 hrs, elevation change minimal).

    • Lower Falls Trail: Gold Creek Parking Lot to the Lower Gold Creek Falls. A popular easy walk along Gold Creek to the 10 metre high Lower Falls. (2.8 km, suggested hiking time one-way 1 hr, elevation change minimal).

  • Camping: Consider bringing some camping gear and spend the night in one of the many campsites.

  • Canoeing: Rent a canoe and take a paddle along beautiful Alouette Lake. Rentals are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Swimming: Enjoy the sun and go for a swim in Alouette Lake at Alouette Beach.


How to enjoy the day:

  • Bring a picnic

  • Bring lots of water

  • Bring your swimsuits

  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes

  • Bring your camera and enjoy the amazing views!

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