What's New in 2019

The 2019 Parkbus season is here!  We have some new routes and some updated routes for you to explore.

What’s New in Toronto:

New Pickup Location for All Toronto Routes: 

All of our routes will now be starting in one central location close to the Yonge/Bloor Subway Station.  Our bus and volunteers will meet you at 34 Asquith Ave behind the Hudson's Bay Centre by the parking entrance.

New Routes:

Killbear Provincial Park and Georgian Bay Islands Day Trip

On this new day trip, passengers have the choice of heading to the beautiful Georgian Bay Islands or immersing themselves in Killbear Provincial Park.

Departing from Honey Harbour, passengers will board the Daytripper ferry to Georgian Bay Islands National Park (GBI).  GBI is a boat-access nature preserve that leaves the windswept pines and rocks of the Canadian Shield behind and ushers you into a dense deciduous forest.  With 12 trails to choose from, visitors will be able to tailor their experience to their skills and abilities.   

Located on Georgian Bay, Killbear Provincial Park offers picturesque views of rugged shorelines and windswept pines.  Visitors can spend the day relaxing on the beach or hiking one of the many trails.  

Learn more about this route here!

Beausoleil - Georgian Bay-1.jpg

Updated Route:

Bruce Peninsula Day Trips

This season we're making our ever-popular trip to Bruce Peninsula a day trip on most weekends during the summer!  With stops in Lion's Head, Cyprus Lake and Tobermory, lovers of the Bruce will be able to explore without the hassle of finding accommodations.  Don't fret though campers, you are more than welcome to take our bus to Cyprus Lake and pitch your tent for an overnight stay or for a week if you choose!  

There are lots of things to do while visiting Bruce Peninsula for the day.  You could: 

  • Get off at Cyprus Lake and take a visit to the ever popular Grotto

  • Visit the Bruce National Park Visitor's Centre in Tobermory

  • Hike along the famous Bruce Trail in Lion's Head

  • Go for a paddle in Cyprus Lake


New Pick Up Times for Algonquin:

We’ve made it even easier for you to explore Algonquin for a day, by giving you more time in the park. These later departure times will give you between 2 to 4 hours in the park depending on where you get off. These later times will also make it easier for you to get back from your epic canoe trip! Check out our post Algonquin In A Day to see some activity suggestions for day trippers!

The new departure times in Algonquin are:

  • Opeongo: 3:00pm

  • Pog Lake Campground: 3:20pm

  • Two Rivers Store: 3:30pm

  • Canoe Lake: 3:45pm

  • West Gate: 4:05pm

  • Wolf Den: 4:15pm

  • Oxtongue Lake: 4:25pm


What’s New in Vancouver:

Golden Ears Day Trip

Escape from downtown Vancouver and spend the day at one of the largest Provincial Parks in the province, Golden Ears.  Located just outside of Maple Ridge, Golden is ears is known for its recreational opportunities, offering swimming, hiking, canoeing, boating, and fishing.  Passengers can rent Canoes and Kayaks for the day at the Alouette (South Beach) day-use area.  

Golden Ears Provincial Park is a remote and rugged area of the province. There is limited or no cellphone reception, no food or water, and no guides that are available on this trip. You alone are responsible for your safety in the park - many dangers exist, natural and man made. 

Learn more about this route here