Algonquin In A Day

Algonquin In A Day

Have you ever wanted to visit Algonquin Park but weren't able to spend two nights?  Why not visit for a few hours with Parkbus?  While a few hours may not give you the most exposure to the park, it will give you a few hours to visit Ontario's oldest Provincial Park.  Below are some suggestions so that you can get the most out of your day trip with Parkbus.

Enjoy a leisurely paddle to Ragged Falls

The first stop on our way into the park is at the Algonquin Outfitters Store in Oxtongue Lake.  Day passengers getting off here will have up to 5 hours to explore.  We suggest exploring the Oxtongue River to Ragged Falls by canoe.  Parkbus day trip passengers who wish to do this trip can enjoy a special rate from Algonquin Outfitters. Passengers must show their ticket to receive this rate. This package from Algonquin Outfitters includes your canoe rental, pfd's, paddles, and a map to your destination.  If needed they will show you how to paddle your canoe as well.  This easy 3 to 4 hour round trip is a great way to enjoy the area.  


Enjoy lunch at the Portage Store

The restaurant at the Portage Store is often the place canoe trippers stop first after returning from their trips.  Diners have plenty of choices between the Tripper's Delight (2 eggs, toast, and a choice of bacon, sausage or ham) or the Backpacker Bacon Burger (homemade patty with Canadian Cheddar Cheese and sizzling bacon).  Parkbus passengers would have roughly 4 hours to enjoy lunch and explore the store or have a seat at a picnic table and watch the paddlers come in.

Take a short paddle on Canoe Lake

Passengers can rent canoes at the docks of the Portage Store.  With roughly 4 to paddle, passengers can explore some of Canoe lake and immerse themselves in the rich history of the Park.  While you may not make it all the way across the lake and back in the short amount of time, you'll still see some cottages that have been around since the early 1900's possibly including the cottage where Tom Thomson spent his summer days painting or sketching.  

IMG_4072 (1).jpg

Enjoy a short lunch at Two River's Store

The restaurant at Two Rivers Store is one of those places that becomes a part of your camping traditions.  Often families will come to the store for an afternoon treat of Ice Cream or some of the best burgers in the area!  While you won't have a lot of time at the store, you will have enough time to enjoy a short lunch and perhaps a stroll through the store looking for the perfect Algonquin Park souvenir. Passengers will have roughly an 3 and a half hours to enjoy lunch and possibly head to the beach.  


Enjoy a leisurely bike ride through Lake of Two Rivers or Mew Lake Campgrounds

After lunch, why not enjoy a bike ride? Parkbus day trip passengers who wish to go for a bike ride can enjoy a special 2 hour rate for bike rentals from the Two Rivers Store.  You must show your Parkbus ticket to receive this special rate.  This is a great option for passengers who may have never been to Algonquin before and want to see the campgrounds before committing to an overnight trip.  Bike choices include Mountain Bikes, Fat Bikes, and Youth Bikes.  

Algonquin Outfitters bike rentals.JPG

While you may not have a lot of time to explore the park, you have enough time to get away from the city and immerse yourself in the beauty of Algonquin park.  Parkbus runs to Algonquin start May 18 and operate weekly beginning June 21 until Thanksgiving.  

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