Sharing Adventures Through Photography

Sharing Adventures Through Photography

If you’re anything like us, your camera is an essential part of your trip. It often is the first thing packed and the first thing pulled out. Your camera may simply be your phone or it could be full on DSLR. Whatever your tool is, we all use it for the same purpose…to share our adventures with our friends/family.

Like most people, I live vicariously through my friends photos when they are on their own adventures and vice versa. There’s nothing like staring at the bright blue Caribbean Sea to make me forget about the bitter chill of winter or the pristine waters and majestic mountains of BC to get me excited for the adventures of the summer. Photos invoke strong emotions whether it be the sadness of a memory of the past or excitement of an upcoming adventure, or the joy of seeing your first moose!

The peacefulness of a moment.

The peacefulness of a moment.

Why is Nature Photography Important?

We all know that time in nature is needed to take time away from the busyness of life. We also know the importance of maintaining and protecting nature by leaving no trace and leaving nature where we found it. We understand how detrimental it could be to remove living things from their natural habitats, whether it be a native tree or flower or even using wood not found in a specific area as firewood. These acts could endanger a species or spread some sort of disease to the area we’re exploring. Nature photography is a great way to preserve our memories without doing damage to the natural ecosystem! It allows us to capture an emotion not found in our everyday life. It’s also a great way to capture something we may not notice with our own eyes. But you have to do it right.

Tips for Nature Photography:

  • Stay on the marked paths and be conscious of your surroundings. Many times we can’t often see the little things on the ground like saplings or creatures that have a nest/burrow under a pile of leaves.

  • Always think about the harm you could be doing to your subject. Your presence could be causing undue stress to the animal you’re trying to capture. If the animal is trying to retreat or seems agitated, move away and leave it be.

  • Keep nature where you find it. Don’t remove a flower, rock, or anything else from its natural surrounding to get a more artistic shot.

  • Use a zoom lens when shooting wildlife or flora off in the distance rather than trying to get as close as possible.

  • Be patient and as quiet as possible.

  • Use a tripod when taking low light shots .

  • The 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset are when the natural light is at its best. It’s softer and you’ll have a better white balance then you will when you take photos at high noon.

  • Take time to capture the emotion of the photo. It could be the harsh reality of winter, the romance of falling snow, the serenity of the mist rising off a glassy lake, the electricity of a thunderstorm, the gentleness of the rain, or the awe of a breathtaking vista

The pristine waters and majestic mountains of BC get me excited for the adventures of the summer.

The pristine waters and majestic mountains of BC get me excited for the adventures of the summer.

Sharing Your Adventures with Parkbus

Parkbus is all about capturing natural moments. We love seeing the various things our passengers have discovered or captured on their trips. Whether it’s the tip of your canoe as you paddle along a beautiful lake, the Rocky Mountains rising off in the distance in Garibaldi, the rebirth of spring, or the crisp colours of fall. We are always looking for amazing photos to showcase on our Instagram, Facebook Page, or Blog. That’s why every year we host a photography contest. Each week we choose a winner to feature on our social media accounts! All you need to do to enter is tag @parkbus and @mec in the photo and use the hashtag #parkbusgotmehere. Got some photos of the destinations we visit you think are worthy of being on our blog or Facebook? Email them to us so we can showcase them in our posts!

We look forward to seeing your adventures!